Colour plays an important role for me. Like music or smells it triggers memories. Certain colours are often connected to a person or experience. I collect colours and colour combinations as other people collect stones, flowers or little objects. Colour is not only my inspiration but also the main material for my works. An ever growing collection of colour impressions is applied to wood or textiles through painting, printing or dyeing. In dialogue with the material’s grain or texture it brings out vivid and subtle characteristics of the colours. In contrast to those rich colors and structures, I work with straight lines and clear geometric shapes. Slight folds add a third dimension, which ensures a differentiated color perception through the play of light and shadow.
Different colour compositions are used on every necklace or brooch. The palette of each piece does not only adorn the front, but also the back, every connection and every element. 

printed linen, painted wood, dyed cotton
size ca 220 x 350 mm