Colour plays an important role for me. Like music or smells, it triggers memories. Certain colours are often connected to a person or experience. I collect colours and colour combinations as other people collect stones, flowers or little objects. The range of colours I work with is derived from my personal life and surroundings and is then applied to different materials: wood and textile. Painted, dyed and printed they resemble different qualities and aspects of colour. Showing both, the vivid and the subtle characteristics, colour can hold. These materials are the connection to the main source of my colour collection: nature and clothes. Every work is a mixture of intention and chance. Geometric shapes are formed of printed linen and mounted to hollow bodies.
Thin painted wood is applied to the inside as a constructional layer. Various sized components are connected in a way they remain movable. As every necklace has a multitude of possible colour combinations, the wearer is encouraged to explore and discover composition and arrangement. Turning every necklace in a symbiosis between environment, material and the wearer’s mood.

Necklaces Multicoloured
printed linen, painted wood, dyed cotton
various lengths ca 500 x 250 mm